D.T. Read Steel Co, INC.

Who We Are


  • D. T. Read Steel is a steel company that specializes in placing reinforcing steel. We have done subcontracting work throughout the country and are based in Chesapeake, Virginia. The D. T. Read Steel Company is supported by a management team with over 40 years combined construction field and office experience with Government, Municipal, Private and Design build work.
    We hold both our workers and our suppliers to a high standard, so we can confidently deliver quality workmanship the first time every time. Our work force is goal oriented, competent, and motivated. To ensure customer satisfaction we complete all projects in a timely manner; we take pride in both finishing projects on schedule as well as being able to work on multiple projects at once. We also offer value engineering alternatives whenever possible to help our customers save money. 
  • Our philosophy at D.T. Read Steel has always been to strive to be the best General Contractor we possibly can, and to provide our customers with quality projects completed on time or ahead of schedule. Over the past 40 years on projects of all sizes we have maintained this exceptional standard and built an unyielding reputation in the construction industry. Our commitment to excellence, pride, and customer satisfaction will constantly remain our principal goal.
  • Our Mission
    To continue to serve the business community by enforcing excellence in the placing of reinforcing steel.
  • History
    D. T. Read Steel Company, Inc. was founded in August 1991 by Donald T. Read, Jr. Prior to founding D. T. Read Steel, Mr. Read (also known as Donnie) worked as an ironworker (rodbuster) at Tidewater Construction Company. Although his career at Tidewater Construction was looking promising, he decided to start his own construction company.  D. T. Read Steel has become a stable, reliable company known for its many past quality projects and an atmosphere of efficiency, quality, and excellence.
    Mr. Read's company has consistently provided quality service to its customers, and its founder remains committed to keeping his word and running a company of good moral and ethics. Since his salvation in 1999, Mr. Read has had a fresh awareness of the blessings that he and his company have enjoyed thus far, and as a result has an increased determination to hold a high standard of efficiency, quality and excellence in the     D. T. Read Steel Company, Inc.

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